Range of IV Cannula

IV Flon
IV Cannulae with Injection Valve (Port) and Wings

Features and Benefits:
  •  Bio Compatible Radio opaque catheter for easy insertion, and X ray detection.
  •  Low Profile Injection Port Cap:
  • The Injection Port is provided with specially designed double hinged cap incorporating a recessed plug with a protective skirt to effectively prevent contamination when the valve is closed.
  • The port has one way silicon retreating valve to facilitate extra medication by syringe without needle and to prevent back flow.
  • The valve cap has special design to facilitate two point grip for cannulation.
  • The double hinge port cap design does not obstruct during insertion and fixing and keep the cap closed effectively.
  • Flexible angled and grooved wings allows easy fixation and prevent displacement of cannula over the patient’s body.

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Ref/Art No. Gauge Colour Code Ext. Dia. 
Length mm
Flow Rate
Inner/Outer unit
IT0109-14 14G
2.1 45 300 100/1000
IT0109-16 16G
1.7 45 200 100/1000
IT0109-17 17G
1.5 45 140 100/1000
IT0109-18 18G
1.3 45 95 100/1000
IT0109-20 20G
1.1 32 62 100/1000
IT0109-22 22G
0.9 25 33 100/1000
IT0109-24 24G
0.7 19 20 100/1000
IT0109-26 26G
0.6 19 15 100/1000